What are ECA Technologies?

Eco-Lyte is the worlds leading “Green Cleaning Technology”. By simply passing salt and water through our patented electronic reactors we produce a sterilisation product that DESTROYS VIRUSES AND BACTERIA equal to or better than ANY sterilisation solution the world has to offer.

The differentiating factor is Eco-Lyte is 99,67% water. It is completely harmless to animals, humans and the environment, even in its purist undiluted form.

Industry Solutions

ECA Technologies add tremendous value to various industries!


Drinking Water



Power Plants
Cooling Towers
Beverage Processing
Heavy Industry



Water Parks


Food Processing

An effective
sanitation solution
to chemicals in
food processing



History of 
success with poultry,
pig and
dairy industries

Product Offerings

ECA Technologies Africa supplies devices designed and developed for the synthesis of washing, disinfecting, sterilising and biologically active solutions. The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process requiring sterilisation, disinfecting or water purification.

About ECA Technologies Africa

ECA Technologies Africa™ is a leader in the provision of Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) Solutions. Electro Chemical Activation is a completely “Green” water based technology that replaces the use of outdated chemicals in the cleaning industry, in the food and beverage production and distribution process, hospitals, bottling industry, farming, and the service (hotel / restaurants) industries to name just a few. More…

We have been looking for a real green solution to offer our clients and it doesn’t get any better than Eco-Lyte™. Here we can offer a product that is 99.67% water and completely harmless to humans and the environment but is strong enough to kill viruses and bacteria’s such as E-coli, Salmonella Legionella and Anthrax.
It’s cost effective, completely green and it works.Judy Nankervis: Owner of Blendwell

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