Product Conformance and Assessment of ECA solutions

The development, testing and approval of ECA Technologies as a safe, environmentally friendly, powerful pathogen killer and degreaser is unquestioned and immense. ECA Technologies are now widely accepted solutions throughout the world including, Europe the United States of America, Australia and Asia.


The following are just a few ECA solutions certifications that are currently in place worldwide:

  • Moyne Institute University of Dublin – Department of Microbiology Trinity College – Dr RJ Russell;
  • Roinn Cumarsaide Mars Agnus Acmhainni Nadurtha (Dpmt Communications,
    Marine and Natural Resources Ireland) – Council Directive 91/493/EEC;
  • AFFSA – France 28th June 2004;
  • CE Certified – Conforms with European Union manufacturing standards (2008).

Product approvals

  • Kosher & Halaal approved.
  • Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • FDA Approval – Center for Food Safety And Applied Nutrition
    United States of America (August 18th 1997).
  • FDA approval for use in food processing facilities.
  • USDA Approval – Food Safety Inspection Service (February 18th 1998).
  • South African Department of Health – solutions has been approved for the
    treatment of foodstuffs for human consumption.
  • South African Department of Agriculture – solutions has been approved for use in
    red meat export abattoirs.

Compliance Testing

  • SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd – Complies with the requirements of a safe organic
    disinfectant with no harmful residues;
  • SANS 1827 / 1828 – Ecolyte (A), Ecolyte (NTL) and Ecolyte (DG) for cleaning
    chemicals to be used in food processing facilities;
  • SANS 1853 – Eco-Lyte (A) and Eco-Lyte (NTL) meets the requirements for the
    use as a steriliser and disinfectant (Act 29GNR529/212843/072/769) – Virucidal,
    Fungicidal, Bactericidal and Bio-Films.

Testing of ECA Technologies is prolific and information is available in abundance.
The following represent a sample of test results carried out by:
University of Pretoria
Microchem Laboratories
Southern Scientific Services USA
ECA Technologies Africa in conjunction with a local restaurant chain and Swift, an independent Microbiological company in Cape Town.