Swift Labroratories

Since its inception in 1991 as the first commercial food testing laboratory of its kind in South Africa, Swift Micro Laboratories has built a brand name synonymous with quality and service.

Swift Micro Laboratories provides a comprehensive product-safety service to the food and beverage, cosmetics, hospitality and related industries throughout the SADC region from its two branches in Claremont, Cape Town and Midrand, Gauteng. By addressing needs such as microbiological testing of products, the design, implementation and auditing of quality management systems, staff training (from floor-worker to management level), as well an on-site technical consultancy service, Swift builds long-term partnerships with their clients.

ECA Technologies will be working in conjunction with Swift relying on their experience, knowledge of this market and benefit from their continuous research into this ever changing world of bacterial and virus control and management.


Blendwell Chemicals (Pty) Ltd was established in 1990, specialising in supplying cleaning chemicals, guaranteed for their quality, uniformity and performance, to resellers in the cleaning chemicals market.

As a result of this ongoing commitment to resellers the company has enjoyed year on year growth in the past. The foundation of Blendwell’s success is built on innovative formulation, extensive testing and development, flexibility, quality products, motivated and committed employees, timeous deliveries and solid relationships with suppliers and clients

It’s the flexibility part that has lead Blendwell to become the leading supplier of the bottled ECA Technology product Eco-Lyte. Blendwell has the ability to manufacture, bottle and distribute this innovative product and market it’s as a “Green Solution” choice to the existing range of chemicals.