Eco-Lyte is the worlds leading “Green Cleaning Technology”. By simply passing salt and water through our patented electronic reactors we produce a sterilisation product that DESTROYS VIRUSES AND BACTERIA equal to or better than ANY sterilisation solution the world has to offer.

The differentiating factor is Eco-Lyte is 99,67% water. It is completely harmless to animals, humans and the environment, even in its purist undiluted form.


Explanation for normal people!

Electrochemical activation (ECA) technology allows for the modification of the functional properties of water. The process provides a unique method and device for passing water and a saline (salt) solution through a specially patented electrolytic cell.

The solution/products generated from the device namely Anolyte and Catholyte (trading as Eco-Lyte) can be used separately or combined to destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and micro-organisms, neutralize chemical agents, purify water or clean and degrease surfaces.

The biocidal activity of Anolyte and Catholyte generated by the current ECA technology is 300 times more active than sodium hypochlorite. Activated solutions have been conclusively shown to exceed chemically derived equivalents both in low dosage effectiveness as well as physico-chemical purity.

This heightened biocidal capacity relative to traditional chemical solutions, permits the use of ECA solutions at lower dose rates, therein obviating the risk of intoxication and adverse environmental impact – THE PRODUCT IS 99.67%WATER AND COMPLETELY HARMLESS TO HUMANS, ANIMALS AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

A Bit More Detail for the Techies!

Electrochemistry is the part of science which deals with the interrelationship of electrical currents, or voltages, and chemical reactions, and with the mutual conversion of chemical and electrical energy.

Electrolyzed Water (EW) Technology is based on a new, previously unknown law of anomalous changes of reaction and catalytic abilities of aqueous solutions subjected to electrochemical unipolar (either anodic or cathode) treatment. EW is necessarily associated with alteration of its chemical composition, acidity and (or) alkalinity within a wide range.

Unlike well-known electrochemical reactions, in the processes of electrochemical activation initial substances are diluted aqua-saline (brine) solution and mains water. The eventual EW products are not concentrated chemical substances, but activated (Anolyte and Catholyte) solutions: low mineralised liquids in a metastable state, manifesting increased chemical activity.

Synthesis of electrochemically activated solutions is only possible when unipolar electrochemical exposure is combined with treatment of as many as possible micro volumes of liquid in high voltage electric field of a double electric layer near the electrode’s surface. The above stated conditions of producing activated solutions can be realised only in special diaphragmatic cells (round or square) which are the key elements of every ECA Tech Africa unit.