The number of industries that ECA Technologies adds value to is vast with the following being the earlier adopters of the technology. The main industry users are listed below and information on a few of them are provided. If you would like information or more detail relating to your specific industry please contact us for comprehensive literature and case studies.

  • Food and beverage production
  • Bottling companies
  • Farming (livestock, chicken and fisheries)
  • Dairy
  • Hotel and restaurant groups
  • Shipping companies
  • Retail stores
  • Municipality (cleaning drinking water and waste returned to the earth)
  • Mining (Dust suppression)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, doctors rooms, nursing)
  • Potable water industry

Apart from undisputed accreditation and testing that has been carried out world-wide on ECA Technologies, the best possible way of showing a product or a service works is by learning more from the companies that have used ECA as an effective solution. Finding out more about their challenges before implementation, the implementation processes itself and the results thereafter are paramount.

A selection of high level case studies of the most successful adopters is provided below, but detailed studies and more comprehensive information is available on request.

The single most important aspect of food production is the consideration of hygiene, the management of harmful pathogens (viruses and bacteria) and ability to produce a product that passes all aspects of testing for human consumption. Producing acceptable products for the end users “most of the time” is also not acceptable. Increasing business pressures on the bottom line demand every production run to be perfect, to take less time and be easier to manage and to cost less. Mangers aren’t asking for much are they?

ECA Technology Africa (Eco-Lyte) provides solutions in all aspects of the production chain including amongst others:

Raw materials

Water is a probably the biggest raw material in food and beverage production. All water currently has to be treated with chemicals – not anymore. ECA solutions can replace your current mixture of water and chemicals with Anolyte at a lower cost and with no handling, storage and transport issues.

Other raw materials such as fruit and vegetables are easily treated with Anolyte and tests have shown that Anolyte is over 4% more effective at killing pathogens, viruses and bacteria than existing solutions

Institute of Food Science and Engineering – University Arkansas:

  • Reduction of microbial contamination of fresh

    • 99.9% reduction of Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli using Anolyte
    • 95.0% reduction was best achieved by competition (Ozone, chlorine dioxide or chlorine)

Anolyte is 99.9% effective against the pathogens that cause the most problem in the food and beverage industry namely; Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Bacillus, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, E.coli and Alicyclobacillus.

Cleaning in Place (CIP):

Anolyte and Catholyte provide the perfect easy to handle and use product for your cleaning in place challenges, including:

  • Facility sanitation
  • Personnel cleanliness
  • Machinery decontamination (change in production runs)
Bottling and corking:

Once again without the need for any chemicals, all cleaning processes regarding bottling and corking are dealt with by using Anolyte.

• complete control of bio-film build up
• can be used across the whole production value chain
• decrease in production time and operating efficiency (up to 70%)
• 90% saving on chemical expenditures
• reduce water usage by over 60%
• energy saving (Anolyte used at any temp)
• safety of workers improved
• no effect on colour, taste, appearance or nutritional status of end product
• adapt to existing or newly developed CIP procedures
• 100% green and simple to store, transport and dispose of

Farming (from animals to agriculture and horticulture) is complex and varied. There is a fundamental common challenge for all farmers however, that of hygiene, disease control and delivery of a quality product. This means managing and protecting livestock and produce from harmful bacteria, viruses and numerous pathogens.

Existing solutions such as thermal treatment, biocides and fungicides, Aw and temperature control are labour intensive, costly, toxic and hazardous.

We have seen phenomenal results in pig and cattle farming recent years. After implementing a regime using Anolyte recent studies have shown:

  • mortality rate reduction by 50-80%;
  • medicine cost reduction by 50-90%;
  • better feed conversion ratio;
  • more effective disease control and cure;
  • complete hygiene protocol without chemicals;
  • better weight gain
  • at all cycles of pig growing;

Similar success has been experienced in the poultry industry. By applying Anolyte to drinking water of the laying hens and broilers as well as implementing a strict Cleaning in Place (CIP) policy using Anolyte (use of foggers), we have seen the following staggering results:

  • Egg production rate increase of 6%
  • Egg mass 5 to 6 grams heavier p/egg
  • 30% decrease in mortality rate
  • Substantially stronger shells resulting in a decrease in breaking eggs
  • Improved health of staff (no exposure to chemicals)
The biggest concern for any hospital management team is the issue of keeping their hospitals free of viruses, bacteria and other seriously harmful pathogens. Hospitals have to continuously develop ways of improving cleaning techniques, introducing new and improved cleaning products and propose savings on what is a major overhead.

We can see in the graphs below the results of targeting these pathogens as the usage in ECA Technologies increase.











(cleaning drinking water and waste returned to the rivers)

Client: Tallinna Vesi AS / Tallinn Water Ltd. Republic of Estonia

To disinfect 200 m3/h of drinking water or approximately 5000 m3/day.
To remove biofilms and various sediments from the water pipes.

Result: Complete disinfection according to potable standards and removal of biofilm and sediments in water pipes.