Benefits of ECA Technologies

Bottom Line Savings

  • Lower energy expense (can be supplied at ambient temperatures)
  • Water usage saving of up to 60% (shorter disinfecting cycles and ability to reclaim product)
  • Decrease in chemical expenditure of up to 90%
  • Operating efficiencies result in 70% savings
  • Lower expenditure on protective clothing and equipment
  • Lower production, storage, transport and disposal expenses

CIP and Production

  • Reduction of microbial contamination of raw materials (Veg and fruits)
    • 99.9% reduction of Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli using Anolyte compared to 95.0% reduction achieved by competition
      (Ozone, chlorine dioxide or chlorine)
  • Decrease in production time and operating efficiency (up to 70%)
  • No effect on colour, taste, appearance of product
  • Easily adapt to existing or newly developed CIP procedures
  • Single cleaning procedures. No repetition to “Clean the Cleaning Chemicals”
  • Potential to achieve 0.01% returns of supplied product
  • Contact times improved on

End product

  • Healthier livestock and plants
    • cows producing up to 19% more milk
    • 42% weight gain in animals
    • Mortality rates decreased by 50% – 80%
    • Medical costs reduced by over 50%
    • Egg production rates increase by over 6%
    • Egg mass increase of 5 to 6 grams
  • Complete control of biofilm build up
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easier control of harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Can help achieve industry quality standards for products with no preservatives or pasteurisation.

Green benefits

  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly (product can be consumed)
  • Easily transported, stored and disposed of
  • Manufacture of product is easy, safe to staff and no impact on environment
  • Potential for your company to market your “Green Compliance” and gain a competitor advantage
  • Unused product returns to a state of water with a salt taste